This will be the last time I’m on this account.

I’ve unfollowed everyone on this one and refollowed on my new one. Soooo…

lol my dash is so empty tho.

mmkay, I followed about 1/2 of everyone on my list as of right now. The other half…I’ll get to you tomorrow x) Night!

If you want my new tumblr URL, message me.

Chances are though, I’m going to follow you once I get all these posts out of the way soooo~

Who Am I? That’s a great question.


You’re probably wondering who I am, what my purpose here is, and who on Earth do I think I am to do what I do. Why do I have an opinion, Why does it matter, why am I choosing to do what I do… let’s get started shall we?
My name is Heidi, and I’m a 17 year old senior in high school. I go to a school where kids are rude, heartless, quiet, shy, and loud, all at the same time. There’s gangs, drugs, fights- and there’s children. Children in a school? Little kids? Yes, we have a daycare in our school. We have special needs children in our school, and the most interesting thing our school is famous for- we have no walls.
A school without walls? How can this be? Well… it just can. Plain and simple.
I’m a writer, an artist. My canvas isn’t a blank sheet of unlined paper, or a computer screen- my canvas is my notebook- lines and lines of blank space waiting to be filled with my opinions- and this is where it brought me. I actually am going to pursue my dream of writing as a journalist all throughout college, and I plan on taking full advantage of any opportunity that I can. So here is my collection of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.
With love,
Heidi :)

Reblogging this as an intro for my new tumblr~


So, I’m going to completely delete my tumblr and make a new one.
I’m not tired right now anyways so…
SO. I’ma make the account now, Follow people and ish, and then figure it out from thur. 

Musings from my brain.

She wanted vengeance for the things they had done to her. She sat in solitude, the silence of the room screaming at her- vocalizing the fears that she was so desperately trying to escape from. She slammed her hand on the desk, the once stationary objects seeming to shake in terror at her new outburst of sudden anger. The words she wrote came from her memory- embedded in her mind, displaying recitation at its finest. She was choking now as the intensity of the room, her own mind begging and pleading for one thing it yearned most…silence. The poignant words were enough to snap her back to reality and captivate her mind once more.
She was going to get her revenge.  

Brad Pitt was at Union Station today guise.
He’s hotter in real life.
I was like

You Jump, I Jump.

Love, Heidi.
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